AC Repair And Maintenance In Charlottesville, VA

If you own a vehicle, you understand how important routine maintenance is for ensuring your vehicle remains running at peak performance. The same is true for your home’s AC. By having it regularly serviced and repaired, you will be actively preventing loss of efficiency or worse – a shorter lifespan for your unit and system. And when those warmer months roll in, no one wants to be left with a poorly operating (or non-operating) unit. A few signs that your AC may be in trouble can include loud noises coming from it when in operation (rattling, hissing, or other strange and loud noises), no cold air when it is running, or an unexpected and large spike seen on your energy bill.

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We Offer AC Repair And Maintenance

Our trained technicians are familiar with a wide range of brands and will work quickly to ensure that your home and family are back to enjoying cool and efficient air throughout. And because we know that ACs can sometimes break down without warning, we also provide emergency services to our customers. And while we would be otter-ly delighted to fix your AC when it goes down for the count, routine maintenance is the best way to ensure that your AC remains working stronger and for longer. We offer customers annual service agreements that ensure your AC receives seasonal maintenance from our trained and professional technicians.

We Are Proud to Service Charlottesville VA

We are Otter Guys, a locally-owned and family-operated business that is honored to provide quality and friendly service to the great community of Charlottesville, VA. We also service surrounding areas including Crozet, Fluvanna County, And Greene County. So, if you or someone you know has an AC issue or would like regular maintenance that can prevent one, give us a call and we will be sure to provide quick and friendly service that will leave you otter-ly amazed!

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Most Commonly Asked Questions

Below we have answered a few common questions about AC repair and maintenance.

What Are Some Benefits Of Regular AC Maintenance?

Many AC issues can be caused by a buildup of dirt and debris, as well as moisture and condensation that can lead to microbial growth on internal components. Regular maintenance helps ensure that your AC remains running at its full potential and doesn’t experience premature failure or inconvenient breakdowns that would leave you and your family sweating more than just the bill. A technician can identify and repair small issues before they can grow into much larger (and more costly) bigger ones.

How Often Should I Inspect My AC Filter?

Cleaning or replacing your ACs filter is one of the simplest preventative steps you can take towards ensuring your system remains operating at peak performance. Here at Otter Guys, we recommend replacing your system’s filter every one to three months. This helps to reduce any buildup of dust, dirt, and other particles that might accumulate on your AC’s internal components and begin to cause it to work harder or even break down.

Contact Us For Your AC Maintenance And Repairs

If you are in the Charlottesville area and in need of quality repair or maintenance from a  trusted and professional company, we are otter-ly excited to help! With more than 60 years of operation under our belt, we are a company that values its customers and treats each service call as if we were servicing our own home. We also handle heating and plumbing issues, as well as cooling problems, so don’t hesitate when you need fast and reliable repairs – contact us! We look forward to working with you.

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