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Air Filtration Solutions for Charlottesville, VA Homeowners

Having trouble maintaining a comfortable home environment? Poor indoor air quality often stems from lack of HVAC maintenance, but it can also be caused by other issues that involve high/low indoor humidity and allergens. The Otter Guys offers whole-home air filtration services in Charlottesville, VA that include the installation of UV air sanitizers, air cleaners, and more. No matter what your indoor comfort concerns may be, our experts are prepared to provide the most effective solution and help you breathe in healthier air.

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Why Should Charlottesville, VA Customers Consider Whole-Home Air Filtration?

The air in your home can be up to five times worse than the air found outside. This is because our homes have limited air circulation. Since everyone in the house is breathing in the same air, it’s much easier to catch the cold or the flu from other household members.

An effective way to achieve a cleaner and healthier indoor environment is to install a whole-home air filtration or purification system. This comprehensive solution allows for greater efficiency when it comes to achieving and maintaining your desired indoor comfort level.

Selecting the Best Air Filtration System for Your Home

  • Electronic air cleaners: These are designed to capture a variety of indoor allergens, including dust, danger, as well as mold and bacteria. They are also efficient at trapping smaller particles such as smoke and pet dander.

  • Media air cleaners: This is similar to an electronic air cleaner (can be used to capture a number of allergens and indoor air pollutants) and are typically installed near the return air duct.

  • Energy and heat recovery ventilators: Newer home constructions are often built to be airtight to prevent air loss. While this is great when it comes to lowering your energy bills, it can result in stale air. Energy and heat recovery ventilation systems are designed to inject fresh air into your home and can also help with humidity control and whole-home air filtration.

Contact us today to schedule an in-home assessment and learn more about your options for air filtration and purification. Serving the indoor air quality needs of Charlottesville, VA and surrounding areas.


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