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Leave your garbage disposal installation needs to the experts who are committed to your peace of mind. The Otter Guys provides garbage disposal installation services that include continuous feed and batch feed systems. We will take the time to assess your plumbing needs, answer any questions you may have, and ensure that your new garbage disposal is safely installed.

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Finding a trusted plumbing professional to handle your garbage disposal installation needs shouldn’t turn into a hassle. When you work with The Otter Guys you can be confident that the job will be completed efficiently, meeting the highest quality and safety standards. Our experts will work closely with you to make sure you know what to expect from the job and to help you make the best decision for your home. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule garbage disposal installation or replacement services in Charlottesville, VA.

Benefits of Installing a Garbage Disposal

Understanding the benefits of installing a new garbage disposal in your kitchen will help you better understand why it might be the best choice for your home. Here are some of the main benefits of installing a new garbage disposal:

It Saves You Time

A garbage disposal makes disposing of kitchen waste a much simpler process. The disposal will break up the food items for you, so you don’t have to worry about taking the garbage out yourself. This gives you more time to relax after finishing your meal. It also makes this dishwashing process much easier. 

Less Trash

With the right garbage disposal in your home, you will have less trash to worry about. That’s because, as mentioned before, the disposal will break down the food for you so you don’t have to worry about throwing it away. This means you can use less plastic and paper. It also means fewer trips to the store to buy trash bags. 

Reduced Kitchen Odor

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of installing a new garbage disposal is that it will dramatically reduce kitchen odors. Once the food is disposed of, food waste will not be left in a trash can to rot. Rotting foods can leave a distinct smell that can be difficult to get rid of. Of course, it’s important to clean your garbage disposal every now and then. There are products similar to detergent pods that you drop down your garbage disposal, freshening the scent. 

Fewer Pipe Leaks

Without a garbage disposal, food that makes its way down your kitchen drain can be incredibly harmful to your pipes. The disposal will ground up the food scraps, ensuring they can safely pass through your pipes. This means you won’t have to call a plumber to fix a clog, leak, or burst pipe every time food makes its way down your pipes. 

Protect Your Checkbook

Since there are fewer pipe leaks, you can save money in the long run. Pipe leaks can be incredibly expensive to repair, especially if the leakage caused water damage to the surrounding areas of your home. With a disposal unit working to improve draining and protecting your pipes, you can rest assured knowing the chances you have to call a plumber for a piping emergency are dramatically reduced. 

Disposals are Long Lasting

Although the average lifespan will differ from one unit to another, most garbage disposals last a long time. Some units can even last a decade or more. Once you install a new garbage disposal, you won’t have to worry about replacing the unit for quite some time. 

Different Models

There are several different types of garbage disposal units to choose from. This means you can choose a unit that best fits your home and your needs. A continuous-feed model is the most common type, allowing you to throw things in as it grinds up old waste. With a batch-feed model, the stopper must be closed before the blade activates, improving the safety of the disposal. 

Additional Features

Certain units come with additional features. For example, some units come with an auto-reverse mode that clears up jams with ease. Other units come with higher horsepower motors, able to cut up bones and other hard waste. A quick-mount neck will speed up installation. Safety covers can help prevent accidental activation before the device is closed. 

Why Should You Choose The Otter Guys for Garbage Disposal Installation?

When you need a new garbage disposal installed in your kitchen, our team at The Otter Guys is ready to help! We have years of experience working with homeowners in the Charlottesville, VA, area, so we know how to install a unit that fits your specific needs. From the moment you give us a call until the moment the disposal is up and running, we will work with you every step of the way to install the perfect unit for you. 

On top of out-of-this-world services, we also aim to provide the best customer service possible. One of our primary goals is to ensure you become a customer for life after making just one phone call to us! We can provide a pairing of great services and great customer service you find at an “otter” HVAC service company!

Frequently Asked Garbage Disposal Questions

Part of providing top-of-the-line customer service is being there to answer any questions our customers may have. Here are some frequently asked questions we get in regards to garbage disposals:

Can I Install A Garbage Disposal Myself?

This is actually the most commonly asked question about any installation service we install. While it may seem appealing to save on labor costs, we strongly recommend against installing a garbage disposal system yourself. Some of the parts of the unit can be incredibly sharp, making it dangerous for someone without training or expertise in the industry. 

On top of that, shoddy installation work is often one of the biggest reasons customers call us for repairs. To put it nicely, if you don’t know what you’re doing, there’s a strong likelihood you install something incorrectly, potentially damaging the unit. 

What are the Signs I Should Call Someone for Replacement?

As a homeowner, it’s important to know when it’s time to call a professional for garbage disposal replacement. While these units can be very durable, they can also take quite the beating. Therefore, knowing when something is wrong is very important. Here are some signs that you should call a professional:

  • Strange sounds – Since there are so many moving parts, it’s normal for your garbage disposal to be loud. However, there are a few noises that are telltale signs something is wrong. Any loud clanking or rattling noises is often a sign something is wrong. Make sure there is nothing in the drain that is blocking the unit before calling a professional.
  • Bad odors that won’t go away – If your garbage disposal is functioning properly, there shouldn’t be the smell of old food and waste. If the odor remains after you have thoroughly rinsed and ran your garbage disposal, there may be stubborn particles trapped in the unit that need to be removed.
  • The unit won’t turn on – If your disposal won’t turn on, you should first press the reset button on the unit. If that doesn’t work, check the circuit breaker in your home’s electrical panel. If these troubleshooting methods don’t work, you will need to call a professional to take a look.
  • Water is leaking from the disposal – A leak from any unit in your home is almost always a sign something is wrong. Over time, your disposal may develop cracks or even spring a leak. The moment this happens you should call a professional for help.
  • You find yourself constantly resetting your unit – If you find yourself constantly resetting your unit, it may be time for a replacement. Your unit is more than likely older and ready to move on.

If you notice any of the issues above, please do not hesitate to give us a call! Our team at The Otter Guys is always here to help you with your garbage disposal repair needs! 

Can I Jam Anything Down A Garbage Disposal?

Just because you have a garbage disposal doesn’t mean you should just jam anything and everything down it. There are certain things that can be incredibly harmful to your pipes. Here are some things you should never put down the garbage disposal:

  • Bones – Unless you have a unit with higher horsepower motors, your unit will not be able to break up bones.
  • Celery – The fibrous strings of celery will only wrap around your disposal’s blades. This is also true for corn and asparagus.
  • Coffee grounds – Coffee grounds pile up in your drains causing a sludgy clog that’s hard to clear.
  • Eggshells – Some believe the membrane of the eggshells can stick to the sides of your drains, leading to a clog.
  • Fruit pits – Fruit pits can be extremely tough, making them next to impossible to cut through.
  • Grease – This will clog up your pipes and cause issues.
  • Potato peels – This can cause a big soupy mess that will give you problems in the future.

If you have a higher horsepower motor, you may be able to get away with dumping some of these down the drain, but it’s best to avoid it.

Selecting the Right Garbage Disposal: Let Us Help You Install the Right One for Your Home

Whether you would like to install a continuous feed or batch feed garbage disposal, our experts are here to help you carry out the job without hassle. 

Most homeowners opt for continuous feed disposals for the convenience and budget-friendly advantages. 

If you are looking for a garbage disposal with a little more power, safety, and efficiency, you may want to consider batch feed disposals.

No matter which option you choose, you can rely on our experts to get the job done right. We are happy to discuss your needs and help you install the garbage disposal that best meets your needs, goals, and budget.

Contact us today to receive an estimate for garbage disposal installation services in Charlottesville, VA.


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