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Signs It’s Time to Repipe Your Charlottesville, VA Home

It can be hard to notice issues with your water supply lines since they are typically installed behind your ceiling or wall. But there are a few warning signs of leaks and other problems that you can be on the lookout for: water meter running nonstop; water stains on your walls or ceiling; and discolored water (this often points to rusted pipes).

If you suspect a problem with your supply lines, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts for an immediate inspection. We will locate the source of the problem and discuss the best solution for your home. If repiping is recommended, we will go over the pipe replacement process in detail and make sure you know what to expect from the job from start to finish.

Here is a more in-depth look at some of the signs you need to repipe your home:

Water Does Not Smell Right

If the water you drink or wash with doesn’t smell or taste right, you should contact a professional as quickly as possible. The most common cause for bad tasting or smelling water is rust. If you have ever smelled something rusty, you know that it can have an unpleasant metallic or sulfuric odor. 

If you’re smelling or tasting something strange in your water, it could indicate that your pipes are deteriorating and releasing flakes of rusty metal into your water. You need clean water to drink, brush your teeth, bathe, and cook with, so you should contact a professional the moment you notice something weird with your water. 

Poor Water Pressure

The proper water pressure is a crucial part of any well-functioning plumbing system. If the water pressure is too much, it could be harmful to both your water pipes and even your skin. Water pressure that is too high can damage your pipelines, cause leaks, and even shorten the lifespan of your water-using appliances. If the water pressure is too low, it won’t provide you with the amount of water you need to bathe and clean your home. 

Oftentimes low water pressure can often be a sign that your pipes are too old and in need of a replacement. As pipes get older, they can fall victim to sediment buildup or corrosion, which can narrow the interior walls of the pipe, making it more difficult for water to pass through. If water pressure has diminished, it could be time to consider repiping. 

Frequent Leaks

More often than not, an isolated plumbing issue isn’t something to worry about. Leaks can happen from time to time, even if you take proper care of your system. However, if you keep having to call a professional to help with leaks, it’s a good indication that pipe repairs simply aren’t good enough.

As time goes on, the walls of metal pipes will gradually thin as water continuously passes through them. This process can be expedited depending on the number of minerals in the water, what material the pipes are made from, and several other factors. When a pipe wall weakens, tiny pinhole leaks can form. Multiple leaks in different areas are often a sign you need to replace your old pipes. 

Noisy Pipes

It’s not uncommon to hear noises in your pipes. After all, your pipes are working incredibly hard to spread water throughout your home. However, loud noises or frequent noises can often be a sign that something is wrong with your pipes. While this can typically be fixed with repairs, you may need to consider repiping. 

Strange banging, squealing, or shrieking noises whenever you turn on your water is not normal and is typically a cause for concern. These noises are often alerting you to an issue within your pipes. As the issues with your pipes increase, so will the number of strange noises you hear. If your pipes are old enough, it might be time to consider repiping your home. 

Visible Corrosion

It’s the last thing any homeowner wants to see on the systems of their home – corrosion. Deterioration of the metal typically means that a pinhole leak or pipe burst may soon follow. If you notice any discoloration, flanking, or strange-looking rusty stains on exposed sections of the pipe, it’s a sign that your pipes are approaching the end of the road. You should consider replacements before something terrible, like a leak, happens. The longer you put off replacements, the higher the likelihood you will have to pay for expensive repairs or, even worse, water damage. 

Discolored Water

Pipe corrosion isn’t the only sign of discoloration that you should look for. Discolored water is often a sign that something is wrong with your pipes. Obviously, you will know the moment you’re having issues with water discoloration. If you notice your water is an unappealing yellowish or rusty brown, it’s time to call a professional as quickly as possible. 

Discolored water is often a sign that there is a buildup of rust inside your pipes. You should also take note of when the issue is happening. If your water is always discolored, the problem is likely your pipes. If only your hot water is discolored, it could be an issue with your water heater instead. 

Fluctuating Water Temperature

When we’re showering, we like the temperature to be as perfect as possible. Unfortunately, as your pipes get older, it’s not uncommon for the temperature to fluctuate. It could happen randomly or it could happen when someone flushes a toilet somewhere in your house. Or, maybe you’re doing dishes and you adjust the faucet to get the water a little warmer, but nothing seems to happen. 

If you’re dealing with this issue, your pipes could be the problem. Wild water temperature fluctuations could be caused by the narrowing of the walls of your pipe, which leaves you with poor temperature control. If this is happening to you, you should call professionals. They will tell you if something is wrong with your pipes. 

Why Should You Choose The Otter Guys For Whole Home Repiping

If you’re going through any of the issues listed above, it could be time to repipe your entire home. This is never an easy decision and it can be incredibly stressful for homeowners. That’s why you need a team of professionals that you can place your trust in. Fortunately, our team at The Otter Guys has years of experience working with homeowners in the Charlottesville, VA, area. 

We will work with you every step of the way to ensure your needs are met, no matter how difficult the process may be. From the moment you call us until the moment your repiping needs are met, we strive to provide customer service you won’t find at an “otter” HVAC company. We strive to make any customer we work with a customer for life and that begins with unmatched customer service.

Have Older Water Supply Lines? Get Them Repiped to Avoid a Plumbing Emergency

Older homes with the original plumbing still installed will likely have outdated pipes made of galvanized steel, lead, or polybutylene. These were once industry standards but homes that still use them today will likely experience plumbing leaks or structural damage over time. If your home still has outdated supply lines installed, it’s a good idea to plan for repiping to help prevent an unexpected plumbing emergency.

Our experts are happy to discuss your needs and provide an upfront assessment and estimate for repiping in Charlottesville, VA.

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