AC Repair in Earlysville, VA

Are you looking for reputable and dependable AC repair technicians in the Earlysville area? It is our pleasure to offer AC repair, installation, and maintenance to our wonderful residents. Please call our office to schedule an appointment today.

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Air Conditioner Repair Services Earlysville Homeowners Can Depend On

When it comes to staying cool, you need a system that operates effectively on the hottest days. The Otter Guys have the expertise and friendly technicians to help provide you with exactly that. Don’t risk your comfort and put off repairing your AC. Call us today, and let’s get you out of the heat and back in the cool where you belong. 

Why Work With The Other Guys?

With years of experience in the industry, we understand the unique needs that come with each job. At The Otter Guys, we strive to build a long-term relationship with our customers by providing them with “otterly” efficient and excellent services.

Call today for quality AC repairs and services you can trust in Earlysville, VA, or the surrounding area.

Signs That It Is Time to Contact Your Earlysville AC System Repair Technician

Being aware of the signs that your system is in need of repair can save you tons of stress and money in the long run. Here are some things to watch for:

Signs of AC system trouble include:

  • Hissing, rattling, and unusual noises coming from the unit

  • The system is running, but there is no cool air

  • The system turns on and off repeatedly (short-cycling)

  • Leaking around the air handler

  • Unexpected spikes in your energy bill

If any of these symptoms are present, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.

We Are Otterly Excited to Serve Earlysville VA

Near the Charlottesville Regional Airport (CHO), the rural community of Earlysville is situated just northwest of Charlottesville. It has beautiful farms and estates in addition to charming rural communities. The Otter Guys enjoy providing quality HVAC services to Earlysville and other surrounding areas. Surrounding areas include Fluvanna, Keswick, Rugby, and others.

How We Handle Your Air Conditioner Repair Service

When you call us for central air conditioning repair services, our primary priority is to get you the assistance you require as quickly as possible. Our technicians will arrive fully equipped and capable of handling all of your HVAC issues. We can also assist homeowners whose AC systems are reaching the end of their lifespan and require replacing. 

Emergency Repair Services

At The Otter Guys, we care about our customers and their comfort level, especially during long, hot summer days. This is why we offer emergency repair services because we understand that a breakdown can occur at any time. If you reside in Eralysville, VA, and want more information about how we can help keep you cool this summer, contact us now. 


What Are Common Fixes For The AC Not Cooling?

When your air conditioner isn’t cooling as well as it should, we check the following areas: 

Thermostat Settings

Make that the thermostat is set to the appropriate cooling mode. To ensure the sensor accurately measures the inside temperature, we will also verify the thermostat calibration. Finally, we examine the wiring and relays to determine whether the thermostat can manage the system.

Refrigerant Levels 

An air conditioning unit won’t be able to efficiently chill the house if the refrigerant level is low. This suggests that there is a leak in the system. Before refilling the system with Freon, your HVAC specialist will attempt to locate and repair the leak.

Dirty Filters Or Other Air Restrictions

The cooling capacity of your system may be greatly reduced by dirty air filters, ductwork obstructions, motor, or coilscan. When you do not change your air filters frequently, your system will experience unnecessary wear and tear on crucial operating components. 

Electrical Problems

The electrical system is most likely to blame if your air conditioner won’t turn on.  We’ll inspect the circuit breaker and assess the contactor, capacitor, and control boards, among other electrical parts. In order to lower the electrical strength needed to start the unit and hence reduce system strain, we frequently propose a “hard start” kit for older systems.

What Do I Do If My Air Conditioner Goes Out?

If you believe that your air conditioner may be going out, there are several steps that you can take before calling in the professionals.

  • Check that the thermostat is set to cool
  • Check and replace your air conditioner’s filter
  • Clear any debris accumulated near the outside unit

Once you have exhausted these steps and your air conditioner still doesn’t seem to operate functionally, you should call The Otter Guys. Our technicians will come out and assess your system, providing any necessary repairs and listening to all of your concerns. 

How Do I Know If My Central Air Unit Needs Freon?

Some signs that can alert you to your system needing Freon include:

  • Longer cooling cycles with poor cooling
  • Hissing or bubbling sounds 
  • Ice forming on the unit
  • And an increase in your home’s energy bill

If you suspect that your unit requires refrigerant, please call us today. our professionals will come out and find the source of the leak, repair it, and fill your unit with refrigerant. 

How Much Does It Cost To Add Freon To My Unit?

The true cost can depend on various factors, including refrigerant type, system size, and leak severity. For a technician to assess your system, hook up the tools and equipment required to add refrigerant, and add 1-3 pounds of refrigerant, you could expect to pay $300-$400 minimum. 

How Do I Know If My AC Unit Is Broken?

Some telltale signs that your unit may be broken include:

  • Insufficient Cooling
  • Frequent Cycles
  • Strange and unusual noises
  • High humidity
  • Water leaks
  • Foul odors
  • And unexpected rises in your energy bill

It is vital for your system and your wallet that any issues be identified early on and corrected quickly to avoid becoming more significant. 

Does It Hurt My Air Conditioner To Run It With Low Freon?

Yes. You can cause significant damage to your system by running it with low Freon levels. When Freon levels are low, your air conditioner must work harder to properly cool your home. Your system may experience overheating, frozen evaporator coils, and insufficient cooling for your home. 

Preventive AC Maintenance For Earlysville VA Homeowners

Routine AC unit maintenance and servicing is the most effective way to avoid HVAC emergencies. At The Otter Guys, we offer “otterly” dependable maintenance contracts and services, including inspections, tune-ups, and filter cleanings and replacements. For more information about our services and how we can help you stay cool this summer, contact us now.

Contact our experts today to schedule immediate AC repair services in Earlysville, VA.


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