AC Installation in Charlottesville

With spring already sprung and summer on its heels, now is the perfect time to replace your central air conditioner. However, finding a reputable company and prices you can trust can be “otterly” stressful. Fortunately, The Otter Guys are reliable and fair, providing customers with quality services and care for over 60 years! For service like no “Otter,” you want The Otter Guys.

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Beat The Heat With Our AC Installation

One of the best ways to stay cool (especially when faced with a failing or older system) is to know when it has to go. Older systems can often break down unexpectedly, leading to pricey repairs. Here are some things to keep in mind when determining when to let go of your aging system:

  • How old is your unit? Many experts recommend system replacement every 10-15 years. 
  • Frequency of use. Do you live in a warm climate that requires your unit to run more regularly than someone who may live somewhere cooler? The harder and longer your system has to work will also contribute to its overall age and efficiency rating. 
  • Frequency of repairs. If your system is constantly being repaired, you can save yourself money and frustration in the long term by simply replacing it. 
  • Unusually high energy bills. Older units require more energy to cool and maintain your home’s temperature effectively. 

If your system may need replacing, call us today. “Otterwise,” you could be paying more in the long run.

Proudly Providing Service To Charlottesville VA

As a locally-owned and family-operated business, we take pride in how we treat our customers. We have proudly served Charlottesville, VA, and many surrounding areas, including Ivy, Waynesboro, and others. Since 1960, it has been our privilege to provide quality service for you, and we are “otter-nally” thankful.

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Most Commonly Asked Questions

Here are a few commonly asked questions about AC installation that we have answered for your convenience.

How Do I Choose The Right AC For My Home?

The size of your home is an excellent place to start when determining the right system for its needs. Some smaller homes do fine with a single-unit air conditioner. However, larger dwellings require central air conditioning units for improved efficiency and to be more cost-effective. An Otter Guys technician can help you decide what system would best support and cool your home comfortably.

How Often Should Air Conditioning Be Maintained?

For air conditioning systems to continue to perform at their peak, they must be maintained regularly. Different systems may have various maintenance recommendations. At Otter Guys, our service technicians will inform you of routines and maintenance procedures necessary for your system.

Contact Us For Your Next AC Installation

When your system goes bust, you want a service you can trust. That’s us – The Otter Guys! Just contact us today for an estimate or to book your next service. Our technicians are trained and highly experienced with many different brands and systems. When you want it done right, you want to call The Otter Guys. Contact us now.

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