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If you’re searching for an HVAC company you can trust, look no further than The Otter Guys. We provide exceptional services in Crozet, VA, and the surrounding areas. When you want affordable and trustworthy services, our team has you covered. Our amazing team provides furnace repair, heating repair, maintenance, and installation services to the Crozet area.

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HVAC Repairs

We are pleased to deliver exceptional and lasting HVAC services to our customers. As a locally owned company, we have over 60 years of experience in industry meeting the unique needs of residential properties. 

Our team also understands emergency issues can happen when you least expect them. That is why we offer emergency services with fast and reliable results. 

We Are Proud To Serve Crozet, VA

Our team is happy to bring our services to Crozet, VA, and the surrounding areas. This small town is about 12 miles from the greater city of Charlottesville, and has a variety of quaint recreational spots.

Most Commonly Asked Questions About HVAC Repair

We understand many homeowners have questions about HVAC systems and repairs. Here are a few common questions we receive on this topic. 

What Are the Most Common HVAC Repairs?

Several HVAC issues can contribute to repairs. Some common HVAC repairs include low refrigerant, thermostat issues, inadequate drainage, and clogged filters. Here is a deeper look at each one. 

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is essential for every HVAC system. This fluid helps with both heating and cooling cycles. If your system is low on refrigerant or if there is a leak, the system may not work well. If your system is making noises, not cooling, or going through longer cooling cycles, you may have a refrigerant leak. Since refrigerant is a strong chemical, contacting your local HVAC professional for help is best.  


A broken thermostat is another common HVAC repair. Your system may be broken if the thermostat is older or not registering at the correct temperature. However, replacing the thermostat can often correct the issue. First, ensure it’s set to the proper temperature. Then, reset it if necessary. If your unit is still not working after troubleshooting the issue, call us for help.

Inadequate Drainage

Do you have ice on your unit? Inadequate drainage of condensation can cause your unit to freeze and stop working. This can happen when condensation forms on the evaporator coils because the water doesn’t drain properly. Clogged air filters, refrigerant leaks, or a broken fan can prevent proper drainage. 

Clogged Filters

Clogged filters are one of the most common reasons for HVAC issues. A dirty filter can cause your system to break down. Changing your filters is the best way to prevent this issue. If you notice ice on your unit or your unit is not working because it’s frozen, you must defrost it before doing anything. Once you defrost the unit, which takes several hours, change the filter and see if that helps. 

Dirty Unit

Scheduling annual maintenance can help prevent debris buildup, which can lead to broken parts. Not all units will accumulate the same amount of debris, so investing in yearly HVAC maintenance and tune-ups is important. Cleaning your unit will help avoid costly repairs and extend the life of your system. 

What Causes the Suction Line to Freeze?

There are many reasons for the suction line to freeze on your system. A refrigerant issue is one reason. The suction line may freeze if your system has low refrigerant or a leak. Low refrigerant will cause the system to work harder to cool to the desired temperature. 

Another reason for a frozen suction line is an airflow issue. An airflow issue often occurs because of dirty air filters. Dirt and debris block proper airflow, causing the system to work harder and eventually freeze. Lastly, a low thermostat temperature can lead to a suction line issue. A good rule is to set the thermostat higher than 67 degrees. Anything lower than that will lead to suction line issues. 

Is It Normal For My HVAC Unit to Make Noise?

It is normal to hear a few noises when your HVAC unit kicks on, such as a brief hissing sound. However, if the hissing sound continues, or you hear a popping sound, this is a warning sign. Your local HVAC professional can evaluate your system to determine whether the issue is with your system or your ductwork. 

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