Ductwork Installation and Repair in Charlottesville, VA

Many people may think that good air quality starts with their air conditioner or heater, but here at The Otter Guys, we know that achieving high-quality air goes deeper into the HVAC system. Ductwork or duct system helps keep the airflow in your home stable and clean no matter if it’s flowing from the air conditioner or heater. That’s why we provide high-quality ductwork installation and repairs for our customers in the Charlottesville, VA area.

The Otter Way To Repair and Install Ductwork

Here at The Otter Guys, we’ve been a family-operated business since 1960 in Charlottesville, Albemarle county. When it comes to customer service, our team of technicians will always put you first with a “walk in someone else’s shoes” mentality. We believe this is one of the top reasons we’ve succeeded thus far, paired with providing quality repair and installation services. Call us today to get help from technicians who care about improving your comfort level in your home and providing exceptional repair and installation services.

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When To Replace and Install a New Duct System

In general, your ductwork’s lifespan should be up to 15 years, however, we know that there could be otter unique situations. How do you know that your duct system needs to be replaced and a new installation? Here are some of the following indicators:

  • Mold starts growing
  • Increasing energy bill
  • Allergies are more prevalent and asthma worsens
  • Cooling your home takes longer than usual
  • Damage to the system itself such as dents and punctures
  • It wasn’t installed properly

When any of these indicators occur, don’t ignore them. Ignoring the signs could mean poor air quality that eventually starts affecting your health. Our friendly technicians want to make sure they take care of replacing and installing your duct system quickly to keep your home’s temperature comfortable and avoid worsening existing or new ailments.

Ductwork Issues Can Affect How Your HVAC System Operates

Not only does ductwork that needs replacing have negative effects on itself, but it also affects your HVAC as a whole because it connects the air conditioning to the outside for cooling through ventilation. When your ductwork is faulty, you’ll want to pay attention to these signs your HVAC will give you:

Decrease in Efficiency

When your ductwork affects HVAC efficiency, the HVAC system has to work harder to have proper airflow. This results in extra wear and tear and shortens the lifespan of the system as a result. The best way to become aware of the increased effort is to examine your energy bill charges. If you see a drastic increase in what you have to pay, your ductwork system is probably the culprit. Don’t worry, The Otter Guys can repair or install a new duct system for you. We will get it done fast and efficiently so you can get back to enjoying your home’s temperature and air quality sooner rather than later.

Regulating Your Home’s Temperature Seems Impossible

Is your home experiencing hot-and-cold spots? When you can’t get your home to stay at one temperature consistently, it’s time to call us. Our team will inspect and provide a diagnosis on your HVAC’s situation. If your duct system is to blame, we can repair or install a new system leaving you with a comfortable and even temperature home. 

The Noise Level is Increasing

If you’re hearing weird, loud sounds coming from your walls, it may be a ductwork problem. Whether you’re working from home or trying to relax from a long day, the loud noises can be an upsetting distraction. Most people don’t know that their HVAC should be silent while it runs. If you’re hearing a popping noise or whistling, it’s time to get it checked out.

Why Do You Need Ductwork Repair?

The duct system is an essential part for indoor air quality and your HVAC’s ability to provide air throughout your home. When it’s not working properly, it could lead to an increase in contamination and mold growth if not repaired in a timely manner. Since your HVAC system heavily relies on ductwork to allow airflow from the outside into your home, you have to act fast. 

Why Does Ductwork Need To Be Properly Sealed?

Sealing your duct system enhances the comfortability in your home by keeping your home at an even temperature. This improves indoor air quality and helps to prevent contaminants or debris from entering the ventilation system. Sealed ductwork can also help prevent energy loss.

How Better Insulation Affects Your Home

The primary goal of ductwork insulation is to keep the air flowing through the duct properly and help keep your home at a constant temp. A leak in the duct can cause energy loss and make your system work harder than it needs to.

How To Create Better Airflow With Ductwork

There are a couple of things you can do before repairing or installing new ductwork to restore airflow. Sometimes, your ductwork just needs a thorough cleaning. Changing the air filter can also be a good way to create better airflow. If you believe that your duct is clogged please reach out to our office.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to keep rooms balanced hot/cold?

There are many things you can do to ensure your rooms have a hot/cold balance. Consider doing some of these tasks to keep your rooms in balance.

  • Changing and cleaning air filters
  • Sealing up doors and window
  • Installing blinds
  • Checking for any objects that could be obstructing the vents’ airflow
  • Replace your home’s ductwork and install a new duct system

Is there a way to keep pests out due to tears?

The best ways to eliminate pests in your duct system are to clean it thoroughly, place traps in the vents after turning off the HVAC system, and seal the vents or any cracks in the ductwork equipment.

What can be done to get rid of bacterial growth?

Regularly changing your air filters every 3 months can decrease your home’s exposure to excessive bacterial growth. Likewise, you can call a professional who can do a deeper cleaning and disinfect it. Implementation of a professional that is disinfecting and cleaning your HVAC could look like cleaning and disinfecting the A/C evaporator coils, vacuuming the vents, and then sanitizing vent grills, to name a few.

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If you’re looking for a team of experts to provide ductwork repairs or installation, call The Otter Guys for efficient and high-quality ductwork services. We want to keep you cool and have peace of mind that your home’s HVAC is working correctly and indoor air quality is optimal.

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