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Your home’s HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system plays a major role in keeping yours either warm in the winter or cool during the summer months. It’s important to make sure your HVAC system keeps performing at its best since you rely on it to maintain continual comfort in your home. Everything can be kept functioning smoothly and effectively with our complete and professional HVAC service here at The Otter Guys.

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Breathe Easier With Our HVAC Service

Multiple inspections are part of the HVAC service, from heating and air to your ductwork and airflow. Following a detailed checklist that outlines necessary maintenance tasks, our technicians will clean your systems filters, coils, and components, ensuring that everything is operating at full capacity and properly. Depending on the equipment that is being serviced, different HVAC maintenance procedures may apply.

Since the effectiveness of a system can be impacted by worn or damaged parts, our HVAC specialist will take time to ensure that your system functions as a whole. Regular HVAC maintenance will increase your HVAC efficiency and help you identify and fix any issues before they become larger and more costly, ultimately saving you money and frustration down the line.

Aside from scheduling the necessary seasonal HVAC service, there are other tasks that you as a homeowner can perform to help ensure your systems stays up and running. 

Changing Filters

An important light routine maintenance task you can do includes changing your unit’s filters. It’s generally recommended that you replace your HVAC filter every six months. However, you can change it sooner if you think it should be done. Home’s with pets typically require changing more frequently than those without. 

Visual Inspections

Other than changing the filter, you can also provide routine visual inspections to ensure that your system is and continues to run smoothly. Checks may be as basic as making sure it reaches the setpoint on your thermostat, checking for leaks, listening for any new or alarming noises and vibrations, and keeping an eye on the outer unit’s condition. 

Make Sure The Outer Area And Unit Is Kept Clean

To ensure that your unit continues to operate as intended, keep the surrounding area of your exterior unit free of any tall grass, leaves, or other debris. The unit’s coils and fins are extremely delicate and can be easily bent and damaged by debris or even heavy water streams should you attempt to hose the unit off. By keeping a watchful eye on the unit’s exterior area, you will help ensure that your system can draw efficient air in to effectively operate and keep your home comfortable at all times. 

Commonly Asked Questions About HVAC Service

Because The Otter Guys want to help you keep your home “otterly” comfortable no matter the temp outside, we have answered a few frequently asked (and important) questions about HVAC service. For any other questions or to schedule your next HVAC service, please contact us and we will be “otterly” delighted to be of further assistance. 

Why Is HVAC Service So Necessary For My System?

Deciding to skip routine servicing for your system may be tempting since it could save you a few bucks by doing so. However, in the long run, whether in the near future or far, you may end up paying much more in repair costs simply because you let your system suffer unknowingly. 

Regular maintenance and scheduled servicing helps homeowners keep their systems performing efficiently which saves money by keeping your energy costs low and your system from breaking down on you. This also keeps your home comfortable – which, let’s face it, you cannot put a price on! 

How Many Times A Year Does My HVAC Need To Be Serviced?

At least once a year, homeowners should get their HVAC system serviced. You will require maintenance for both your air conditioner and furnace (although at separate times of the year) if you own both.

We advise having your heat pump serviced twice a year if you have one. Since your air conditioner operates year-round, through the sweltering heat and the bitter cold, it is recommended to do more frequent maintenance to prolong its lifespan and protect against malfunctions and breakdowns. 

When Is The Best Time To Schedule A Service For My HVAC?

The best time of year to service your air conditioning is in the spring, right before the summer heat really sets in. This way, you have time to fix anything that might need repair without suffering through summer hours (or days) of intense heat.

The same should be applied to your home’s furnace (heat), as well. During the fall months, when the weather is cooling down but not frigid just yet is the best time to schedule an HVAC service. Again, this will allow you to comfortably repair or service your system without suffering the weather and the chill for longer than necessary or bearable. 

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