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Your home’s HVAC systems operate nearly continually around the clock and year-round. Because your HVAC works so hard, it is highly recommended to have it serviced at least twice a year – once for the summer months (air conditioning) and again for the winter (heat). The Otter Guys is a family-owned and locally-operated plumbing and HVAC company that has provided the Charlottesville, Albemarle County Area with quality services since 1960.

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Use Our HVAC Service To Breathe Easier 

At The Otter Guys, we understand the value of a comfortable home with adequate heating and cooling capabilities and breathable, healthy air. From installation to routine maintenance and replacement, our skilled and experienced technicians are prepared for whatever HVAC issues your home may be experiencing! We also provide emergency services with quality solutions and fast repairs so that you and your family don’t have to suffer the heat or the cold for longer than necessary!

Enjoy Peace Of Mind With Our Trained Service Technicians

We are a family-owned and operated business that takes great pride and pleasure in offering the same quality of service that we would take with our own home. Our top-of-the-line installation and service will make your family and home happier, healthier, and better protected. By choosing us, you invest in quality and trust that has proudly serviced the Charlottesville, Albemarle County Area for over 60 years! 

Commonly Asked Questions About HVAC Service

At The Otter Guys, we take pride in offering our customers quality services and expert solutions. This also means that we want to help empower you with the knowledge and insight necessary for making the best choices when it comes to your home’s HVAC system. Below are a few of customers’ more commonly asked questions regarding their HVAC systems. 

How Often Do I Need To Have My Filters Replaced?

The size of the house and the furnace filter have an impact on how long an air filter lasts, as larger homes require more air to pass through the air filters. Compared to larger homes, smaller residences might not need air filter changes as often. However, homes with smokers or pets present will most likely require air filters to be changed regularly, whether small or large. To be absolutely sure of the condition of your air filter, you should inspect it visually every month. This will ensure your home’s air quality and filters are up to par.

How Important Is Indoor Air Quality?

The quality of your home’s indoor air is extremely important! The quality of the air within your home might be up to 100 times lower than that of the outside. This suggests that contaminants, allergies, dust, and mildew may be present in your house and might be impacting the health and happiness of your family and home. For the sake of your family and home, it is crucial that you maintain and improve the indoor air quality by scheduling routine HVAC maintenance. 

How Often Should I Have My Heating And Cooling Systems Serviced?

An annual maintenance checkup for your HVAC systems is recommended right before the start of each season. Regular maintenance for your heat pump or furnace should be done at the end of summer or the beginning of fall, while regular maintenance for your air conditioner should be done at the end of winter or the beginning of spring. This will allow you to take action on any necessary repairs before the temperatures of each season set in. 

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Do you need help resolving issues related to your HVAC system? Is it time once again to have your system serviced? If so, let our family ensure the comfort and well-being of yours. Contact our friendly and professional team here at The Otter Guys for “otterly” exceptional service and care. Call now! 

Proudly Serving Palmyra VA 

In Fluvanna County, Virginia, in the United States, Palmyra is the county seat and a census-designated place (CDP). In the 2010 census, the area had a population of 104. Palmyra is located along U.S. Route 15 on the eastern side of the Rivanna River. 

For over 60 years, we have been a trusted and valued business and service among our Charlottesville, Albemarle County Area friends and neighbors. Besides Palmyra, VA, we serve many surrounding areas, including Goochland, Keswick, and Waynesboro. For a complete listing of the communities we serve and the services we offer, please contact us now. 

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