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Are you looking for a new water heater installation or repair services? Our Waynesboro and surrounding community neighbors know they can count on us for all plumbing services. Since 1960, The Otter Guys have ensured that our neighbors in Waynesboro always have hot water. Call us today for more information or to schedule an installation. 

Hassle Free Water Heater Installation 

The Otter Guys have the team for all your water heater installation needs, whether you want to install a new electric, natural gas, or tankless water heater! Whatever your requirements are for hot water, our skilled plumbers will choose the most suitable water heater size and design for your residence and requirements at a fair price.

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Need Help With Water Heater Repair Or Service In Waynesboro VA?

No hot water at home? There might be a problem with your water heater. Call our skilled professionals for quick troubleshooting and water heater repairs. Regarding your water heater, we’ll diagnose the problem and provide you with repair or maintenance choices. To swiftly get your water heater back to peak efficiency, we strive to provide cost-effective and friendly options for your comfort and convenience. We also provide regular maintenance services, including tank draining, to prevent minerals and silt from building up in the tank and to lengthen the lifespan of your water heater.

Common Water Heater Repairs

Knowing some of the most typical water heater repairs will help you as a homeowner. It will help you to better comprehend what’s occurring with your unit. The following are some of the most popular water heater repair services we offer to our clients:

Very Little Hot Water

One of the most typical water heater issues you can experience is a water tank that produces too little hot water. Usually, this is resolved by raising the tank’s thermostat setting for temperature. However, be cautious not to raise the temperature too much as this poses a scalding hazard.

No Hot Water

If your gas-powered water heater doesn’t produce hot water when you switch on the hot water faucets, a blown-out pilot light is most likely to blame. This can be the result of a broken thermocouple or a malfunctioning pilot control valve. 

A heating element that has to be replaced (if you have an electric water heater) or the thermocouple (if you have a gas water heater) are further potential causes. A plumbing expert can replace the heating element or thermocouple rather easily. You might be wise to let a pro handle this repair if you don’t have the necessary training.

A Noisy Water Tank

One of a number of issues could be present if your water tank is producing noise. The most likely explanation is that your tank’s bottom is covered in sediment, and the heating element is literally ‘burning’ the material. 

If that is the case, you will need to drain your water tank. This is a rather simple process that you should perform once a year as part of routine maintenance. In the event that the heating element is beginning to burn out, your water tank may also be generating noise. The problem should be resolved by having a service technician replace the heating element. 

Leaks Around The Water Tank

Unfortunately, once your tank begins to leak, it’s too late to repair it; a replacement is required. You shouldn’t ignore leaks, no matter how minor they may be. A 30 or 60-gallon tank draining in your utility room or basement is definitely not something you want to happen. Contact The Otter Guys to inquire about acquiring a new water heater as soon as you notice a leak.

Smelly Water

Hot water that has an unpleasant odor is typically contaminated with microorganisms. Usually you can smell something rotting, like an egg. In most cases, you may fix this on your own by flushing the tank and replenishing it with a water and hydrogen peroxide solution. After around two hours, let the solution stay in the tank before flushing with clean water. 

It’s better to call a plumber if the tank is still stinking. It’s quite unlikely that your water heater is the root of the problem if both the hot and cold water that comes out of your taps smells.

Dirty Rusty Colored Water

Hot water that has a rusty tint can be brought on by bacterial development, pipe corrosion, corrosion in tank water heaters, or mineral buildup in the water supply. If outdated plumbing is the root of the problem, upgrading those pipes or appliances may be the solution.

Water Heater Is Taking Too Long To Reheat

If your unit takes too long to reheat the water, there may be a problem. A faulty thermostat and silt accumulation in the water tank may be to blame. On the other hand, your water heater may need to be upgraded to a larger capacity tank for your home, as well. 

Electric water heaters have a disadvantage in that their recovery times are longer than those of gas units with storage tanks of equivalent capacity. Different models’ recovery times can vary greatly, with newer models often recovering more quickly. 

Water Temperature Too Hot Or Cold

As absurd as it may seem, hot water could potentially point to a thermostat issue. Frequently, variable water temperatures are caused by a malfunctioning thermostat. The problem might be fixed by adjusting the thermostat’s temperature settings. Something else is in the works if this doesn’t work out. 

If it’s not the thermostat, the temperature-pressure valve could be the problem. The water may be overheated if the valve is damaged since it won’t turn off when it reaches the right temperature. This is potentially dangerous and should be rectified right away to prevent getting burned by scalding hot water.

Why Should You Choose The Other Guys For Repairs?

We strive hard to give unmatched customer service in addition to our top-notch offerings, drawing on our years of experience in the field. From the moment you call us until your water heater needs are met, we work to provide customer service that “otter” HVAC companies can’t match. We can almost guarantee that everyone who calls us will stay a customer for life. 

Otterly Proud To Serve The Waynesboro Area

A serene community encircled by stunning scenery is what you will find in Waynesboro, Virginia. It is located on the appealing Shenandoah Valley’s eastern edge. The area, which is a designated community along the Appalachian Trail, is home to more than 600 hiking trails, 100 viewpoints, and stunning scenery. Waynesboro residents and visitors appreciate the relaxed, easygoing atmosphere.

Interstate 64 travels through Waynesboro, Virginia’s southwest region for easy access across the state and connects to Interstate 81 just 8 miles west of the city. Call The Otter Guys for water heater installation services in Waynesboro that are professional-grade and fast. In addition, we provide plumbing emergency services. Rugby, Greene, Keswick, and other communities and regions in Virginia are among those we serve. It would make us “otterly” happy to handle all of your plumbing needs!

Frequently Asked Water Heater Questions 

A few of the most frequent inquiries we get about water heaters are addressed below.  

How Long Do Water Heaters Last?

Experts recommend that you replace your water heater every 10 to 15 years. More modern systems and homes benefit from better energy efficiency and design. Even while it’s easy to face a bit of price shock initially, modernized systems actually end up costing less in the long run because they consume less energy. 

How Can I Extend The Lifespan Of My Water Heater?

By having routine maintenance performed, you can help ensure that your water heater doesn’t have any hidden issues that, if left unattended, could cause more serious problems. These checks also make sure that your appliance runs efficiently and for the longest time possible.  

Can I Just Install My New Water Heater Myself?

Despite the fact that it is possible, we strongly advise against installing your water heater by yourself, especially if you are inexperienced or unqualified. A poor installation or use can have negative effects. Furthermore, shoddy installation can increase the expense of further repairs. We advise that you leave it in the hands of the experts because of this. 

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