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Signs It’s Time To Contact Your Goochland VA Leak Detection Professional

Leaks in your water supply pipes may be challenging to find as most plumbing is installed in the ceiling or behind walls. Many homeowners don’t notice leaks until water stains the walls or seeps through the ceiling. Some warning signs of pinhole leaks include:

  • Your water meter is continuously running
  • There is a significant increase in your water bill
  • The wallpaper is beginning to bubble or peel
  • You detect smells of mold
  • Water spots on your floors or ceilings

A highly trained and equipped professional should perform leak detection and repair because plumbing leaks can be difficult to find and potentially cause major water damage. If you have a leak, call The Otter Guys now! 

What Can Cause Leaks?

Understanding leaks’ causes and the steps you should take as soon as you become aware of them is one of the best leak prevention techniques. A few of the primary causes of leakage are listed below:

Broken Seals

Unlike older homes, most modern residences don’t have metal plumbing pipes. When installing a new appliance professionally, a contractor will apply rubber sealant around any connections or areas, like your dishwasher door, to guarantee water is kept inside. As these things age, the sealant will see more wear and strain. Over time, the sealing could erode and ultimately fail. Your appliances may have a broken seal if there are water puddles around them. 

Clogged Lines

As pipes age, it’s typical for things like hair, grime, and soap to build up on the pipe walls from constant use. There will be less water flow as this collection grows. Ultimately, it may result in a blockage, particularly if something is improperly flushed, like feminine hygiene items. Caulking and seals may fail, allowing water to leak and cause a backup. 


As your plumbing system ages, rust and other types of corrosion are more likely to eat away at the pipes in your home. Brass pipes can last up to 70 years, while galvanized steel pipes can start to break after 20 years. Corrosion can alter the pH levels of the water in your home, making it unsafe for your family to drink, bathe in, or use to wash dishes. If you live in an older home with leaks, inspecting or changing your pipes might be necessary. 

Damaged Pipe Joints

The joints of a pipe are one of its most vulnerable areas. Extreme temperatures and high water pressure can wear down pipe joints over time and cause them to degrade. If your pipes are ticking or banging, especially while hot water is running, there is a good chance that they may be experiencing joint issues.

Underground Movements 

It’s possible for tree roots, water, or even small earthquakes to shift your pipes. The ground movement will cause your pipes to twist, bend, crack, or completely separate, which can cause leaks beneath the surface of the property and home.

High Water Pressure

After a long day, who doesn’t appreciate a hot shower with good water pressure? You might not be aware, though, that the same pressure can make your pipes leak. Additionally, the increase in pressure might occasionally cause your pipes to burst. Fortunately, if you’re concerned about your pressure or have discovered any leaks, a qualified plumber can examine it and make any required modifications.  

Intruding Tree Roots

Common water leaks can begin outside the home rather than within. Tree roots may obstruct water lines, allowing moisture to leak into your yard. It’s wise to have a plumber check for encroaching roots if you see any wet areas in your yard, sinkholes, a sudden loss in water pressure, or trees growing close to your property.

Loose Water Connectors

Hoses and pipelines that deliver water to your appliances might occasionally become loose. This frequently happens due to shifting or movement and can cause a leak. You probably have a loose or faulty water connector if you see water coming directly from the supply line or puddles accumulating around the appliances. Contact The Otter Guys for immediate diagnosis and support. 

Fixture Cracks

A faucet or the pipes directly attached to it may have developed cracks if you see leaks. This frequently happens due to a physical impact, like when someone trips and catches themself on the faucet. Due to repetitive things being pushed into the cabinet, it can even happen out of sight (like under a sink). It is important to call a plumber right away to have any damage to a fixture or the pipes around it inspected for problems.

Why Should You Choose The Other Guys For Leak Detection And Pipe Repairs?

Your home’s plumbing system needs to be serviced by a trustworthy company. Our staff at The Otter Guys has extensive plumbing expertise, and we are aware of the many plumbing issues that homeowners commonly face.

When you call us, we’ll send over one of our qualified specialists to thoroughly inspect your plumbing. They will check the pipes in your house for leaks and guide you through the next steps if one is discovered. We take great satisfaction in offering each and every one of our customers “otterly” exceptional customer service. For pipe repair in your home, contact us right away. 

Why Is Early Detection Important For Goochland VA Homeowners?

Leaks that go unnoticed for an extended time have a higher chance of causing significant damages, frequently necessitating expensive repairs. Knowing what to look for is equally vital, as is performing routine inspections on your house in the areas with the most water traffic. 

Ensuring that the systems that bring in or remove water from your home are periodically serviced and that you are looking for anything unexpected are further keys to prevention. When you see any of the aforementioned warning signs, contacting The Otter Guys for service is a good idea.

We Are Otterly Excited To Provide Quality Service To Goochland VA

Goochland, a rural county on the western outskirts of the Greater Richmond area, provides residents with the best of both worlds. This area offers a refreshing and lovely location to call home with its open spaces, fresh air, and miles of river. Additionally, urban facilities and activities are only a short distance away, thanks to the nearby freeway.

So, when you detect a leak in your home or business, be quick and call The Otter Guys for help! We offer reliable and affordable fixes, as well as emergency services. With a deep love for our community and what we do, The Otter Guys are “otterly” reliable and invested in Goochland, VA. Call The Otter Guys now for leak detection and fixes that you can count on. 

Frequently Asked Leak Detection Questions

For your convenience, we have included answers to a few frequently asked questions about leak detection. 

When Should I Call A Professional?

Generally, when you notice a problem with the plumbing within your home, you should call a professional immediately. Delaying plumbing repairs might result in water damage, which can seriously harm your home’s structural integrity. 

When Should I Get My Pipes Replaced? 

Everything, including the plumbing in your home, eventually wears out. They eventually corrode, rust, and degrade over time. Brass, copper, and galvanized steel pipes typically last 80 to 100 years, PEX pipes 30 to 50 years, and copper pipes 70 to 80 years. Cast-iron pipes for drain lines last 80 to 100 years, while PVC pipes last 25 to 40 years. 

If you don’t update your plumbing, you’ll ultimately develop leaks, which could result in a flood of water or raw sewage that costs thousands of dollars to repair the structure of your home and your possessions. If you believe your home’s pipes may be old or outdated, reach out, and we will send one of our professional technicians to evaluate your plumbing and give you an honest review of the next necessary steps.  

How Important Are Maintenance Services?

Your pipes, along with sinks, toilets, water heaters, and other appliances, experience wear and tear over time, just like any other system in your house. A local plumber repair expert can regularly maintain your system or examine your plumbing. This will help to prevent any minor issues from developing into anything serious or more costly further down the line. Goochland

Call Now For Leak Detection Services

If you suspect a plumbing system leak, contact The Otter Guys immediately. You can trust us to handle all of your plumbing repair issues if you live in Goochland or nearby. We’d be “otterly” pleased to assist you with leaky plumbing, drain clogs, water heater repair and installation services. Contact us now!

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