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Do you need to install a new water heater? The people in Goochland and the neighboring areas rely on us to install water heaters correctly and quickly. The Otter Guys have provided our friends in Goochland and the neighboring areas with hot water heater installations and services since 1960. Contact us today! 

no Hassle Water Heater Installation 

The Otter Guys offer a crew capable of handling all your water heater installation needs, whether you want to install a new electric, natural gas, or tankless water heater. Our professional plumbers will provide honest advice in selecting the appropriate water heater for your home at a fair price and with a quality install. Call us today, and let’s schedule your next install.

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Need Help With Water Heater Repair Or Service In Goochland?

Suspect your water heater may be malfunctioning. For fast troubleshooting and water heater repair, contact our trained technicians. We will identify the issue and give you repair or service options regarding your water heater. We aim to offer affordable solutions that quickly restore your water heater to peak performance. We also offer routine maintenance services, such as tank draining, to keep minerals and sediment from accumulating in the tank and to help your water heater last longer.

Common Water Heater Repairs

It’s helpful for you to be aware of some of the most typical water heater repairs as a homeowner. You’ll have a better knowledge of what’s going on with your unit as a result. Some of the most popular water heater repair services we offer to our clients include the following:

Very Little Hot Water

One of the many frequent issues with water heaters is a water tank that provides insufficient hot water. The thermostat on the tank can typically be adjusted higher to fix this. Avoid raising the temperature too much, though, as this poses a risk of scorching.

No Hot Water

The most frequent cause of a gas-powered water heater not producing hot water when you switch on the hot water taps is a pilot light that has burned out. A malfunctioning thermocouple or pilot control valve may be at blame for this. 

A heating element that needs to be replaced (if your water heater is electric) or the thermocouple that needs to be replaced (if your water heater is gas) are additional potential causes. For a plumbing expert, replacing the heating element or thermocouple is a fairly simple task. You would be wise to let a professional handle this repair unless you have the requisite training.

A Noisy Water Tank

Noises coming from your water tank could indicate a number of different issues. The most likely explanation is that the heating element is practically burning the silt that lies at the bottom of your tank. If that’s the case, you’ll need to drain your water tank, which is a relatively simple process and something you should perform as part of routine maintenance approximately once a year. 

If the heating element in your water tank is beginning to burn out, your water tank may also be generating noise. The problem should be resolved by having the heating element changed by a service technician.

Leaks Around The Water Tank

Unfortunately, if your tank begins to leak, it’s too late; you need to get a new one. You do not want to disregard leaks, no matter how minor they may be. You most definitely don’t want a 30 or 60-gallon tank draining in your utility room or basement. Make a call to The Otter Guys as soon as you notice a leak to inquire about acquiring a new water heater.

Smelly Water

Hot water that smells typically indicates that bacteria is present. Usually there is an odor resembling that of a rotten egg. By flushing the tank and filling it with a water and hydrogen peroxide solution, you can typically fix this on your own. After the solution has been in the tank for about two hours, flush with clear water. 

Call a plumbing professional if the tank is still stinking. If the scent is present in both the hot and cold water, there is probably no connection between the two and your water heater.

Dirty Rusty Colored Water

Bacterial development, pipe corrosion, corrosion in tank water heaters, and mineral deposits in the water supply can all result in rust-colored hot water. If outdated plumbing is to blame, the problem might be resolved by replacing the pipes or appliances.

Water Heater Is Taking Too Long To Reheat

A buildup of silt or a faulty thermostat may be to blame if your hot water heater is taking too long to reheat. However, water heaters also do require time to reheat and do not simply supply hot water on demand. So your home’s hot water heater may not be a suitable size for your family’s hot water demands. 

A tankless water heater, a larger tank, or the installation of a point-of-use water heater close to commonly used water sources (like the shower), may be wise choices if you discover that your household’s hot water demand has increased recently. 

Water Temperature Too Hot Or Cold

Despite how unbelievable it might seem, hot water might also point to a thermostat issue. Changing water temperatures are frequently caused by a malfunctioning thermostat. The problem might be fixed with a temperature change on the thermostat. 

If the thermostat is not the problem, the temperature-pressure valve may be. The heater won’t turn off when the water reaches the appropriate temperature if the valve is damaged, thus it can be too hot. This could be harmful and has to be rectified right away to prevent people from getting burned by scalding hot water.

Why Should You Choose The Other Guys For Repairs?

With years of experience in the field, we put a lot of effort into giving outstanding customer service in addition to our exceptional products. We try to provide customer service that you won’t find at “otter” HVAC companies from the moment you call us until your water heater needs are met. Any customer who gives us a call is likely to stay a customer for life. 

Otterly Serving The People Of Goochland

The Greater Richmond area’s western most rural county, Goochland, offers its citizens the best of both worlds. With its wide open areas, clean air, and miles of river, this region makes a delightful and refreshing place to call home. Thanks to the neighboring freeway, urban amenities, and activities are only a short drive away.

So if you require a water heater installation, call The Otter Guys for assistance. We offer emergency services around-the-clock as well as reasonably priced, dependable fixes. The Otter Guys have a deep love and connection for our communities and the services we offer, making us “otterly” dependable and invested in Goochland, Virginia. 

Frequently Asked Water Heater Questions 

We have addressed a few of the most frequently asked questions we get about water heaters in the section below. 

How Long Do Water Heaters Last?

You should replace your water heater every 10 to 15 years, according to experts. The enhanced design and energy efficiency of modern dwellings and systems are advantageous. Updated systems can really save you money over time by consuming less energy, despite how easy sticker shock may be. 

How Can I Extend The Lifespan Of My Water Heater?

Regular maintenance services can help ensure that your water heater has no concealed issues that, if ignored, could cause more serious problems. Additionally, these examinations ensure that your appliance runs efficiently for the longest time possible.  

Can I Just Install My New Water Heater Myself?

While it is possible, we strongly advise against installing your water heater by yourself, especially if you don’t have the necessary skills or knowledge. There may be severe repercussions for improper installation or use. Poor installation can also increase the cost of subsequent repairs. Consequently, we advise that you delegate the task to experts. 

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In Goochland, Virginia, the Otter Guys team is available to help you with your water heater installation needs. Installation, repair, and maintenance are all things that our highly trained technicians can do. We also provide the community with plumbing services, leak detection, and drain clog services. Call us now.

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