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Locating and fixing a leak can be frustrating and even difficult. That’s why The Otter Guys offer noninvasive leak detection services to Keswick, VA, and many surrounding areas. With years of industry experience and the technology and tools to do the job right, we offer homeowners solid solutions at budget-friendly prices. Don’t lose any more sleep over a leak. It is our pleasure to also provide plumbing services, water heater repair, installation, and drain clog services to the Keswick area.

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Since most plumbing is installed behind walls or in the ceiling, pinhole leaks in your water supply pipes may be difficult to detect. Many homeowners don’t detect leaks until water seeps through the ceiling or discolors the walls. The following are some indicators of pinhole leaks to watch out for:

  • Your water meter is continuously running
  • You detect smells of mold
  • The wallpaper is beginning to bubble or peel
  • There is a significant increase in your water bill

Do not hesitate to call The Otter Guys for quick and accurate leak detection in Keswick, VA, if you suspect your home has a leak.

What Causes Leaks?

One of the best leak prevention methods is to understand why they happen and what you should immediately do following their discovery. Here are some of the main reasons that leaks occur:

Broken Seals

Most modern homes don’t have metal plumbing pipes like older homes do. A contractor will apply rubber sealant around any connections or locations, like your dishwasher door, when they professionally install a new appliance to ensure water is kept inside. The sealant will experience additional wear and tear as these items age. The sealing may deteriorate and eventually fail over time. If there are water puddles around your appliances, there could be a damaged seal somewhere. 

Clogged Lines

When your pipes become clogged, pressure will build up behind the obstruction, possibly causing structural damage. A blockage made of caustic materials, such as common household cleaners, could accelerate the deterioration of your pipes. Installing hair traps is one of the best methods to avoid blockages, particularly in your shower. Naturally, you should be careful about what you flush down the toilet. Clogs can also be caused by gutters and air handler drain pan obstructions. Make sure you keep debris out of your HVAC system and gutters. 


Rust and other types of corrosion are more likely to eat away at the pipes in your home as your plumbing system ages. Additionally, galvanized steel pipes can start to fail after 20 years, whereas brass pipes can survive up to 70 years. The pH levels of the water in your home can be impacted by corrosion, making it unhealthy for your family to drink, bathe in, or use to wash dishes. It may be time to have your pipes tested or replaced if you live in an older home and experience leaks. 

Damaged Pipe Joints

A pipe’s joints are responsible for rerouting water throughout your home. These joints also represent a pipe’s weak spot. Pipe joints can become damaged over time due to harsh temperatures and high water pressure. You probably have joint problems if you hear ticking or banging sounds when the hot water is running. 

Underground Movements 

Small underground movements caused by tree root growth, flooding, or even minor earthquakes can cause your pipes to twist, bend, crack, and separate altogether. If your home experiences slow draining or water supply issues, there is a good chance that you have an underground leak. 

High Water Pressure

While high water pressure may sound nice for a hot shower after a long day, this type of water pressure can also wreak serious damage on your home’s pipes. Most faucets and pipes have a maximum water pressure that they can safely handle, and water pressure that is too high could cause your pipes to burst. 

Intruding Tree Roots

Invading tree roots can frequently obstruct water lines, allowing moisture to leak into your yard. Inspecting your yard can be one of the simplest methods to find leaks brought on by aggressive tree roots. There is probably an underground leak if certain parts of your yard seem greener or to thrive more than others. 

Loose Water Connectors

It’s common for hoses and pipes to loosen over time. This might happen due to pipes moving or shifting, which would eventually cause a leak. Check your water connector if water is dripping directly from any supply lines or generating puddles around your appliances. 

Fixture Cracks

Cracks in the faucet or the pipes that connect to the faucet could result in a leak. This frequently occurs following a physical impact, such as when someone trips, hits, or grabs onto the faucet. Storing too many items underneath a sink is another main cause of faucet and pipe damage.  

Why Should You Choose The Other Guys For Leak Detection And Pipe Repairs?

Working with a business you can rely on is crucial for your home’s plumbing system. The Otter Guys’ staff have extensive knowledge, and we know the problems that homeowners frequently encounter and those that frequently result in leaks. 

So call us, and we will send one of our professional technicians to your home. They will inspect your home’s pipes for leaks and walk you through the necessary steps if one is found. “Otterly” amazing customer service is what we pride ourselves in providing all our customers. Call us today for your home’s pipe repair. 

Why Is Early Detection Important For Keswick VA Homeowners?

Older homes with galvanized steel, polybutylene, or lead pipes frequently experience leaks. Getting the lines repiped as soon as possible is a good idea. These older pipe materials were considered industry standards previously. However, if you still have them in your home, they are probably starting to deteriorate and could cause unforeseen plumbing catastrophes like burst pipes or structural damage. Our professionals will be pleased to replace outdated supply lines and review your repiping alternatives.

We Are Otterly Excited To Provide Quality Service To Keswick VA

With sprawling wooded lands and horses as your neighbors, Keswick offers residents a serene and charming place to lay down roots. The closest gateway to other areas of the country is the Charlottesville Albemarle Airport, which is just around 20 miles from Keswick. Although Keswick, VA, is primarily rural, you won’t be without access to large cities’ facilities thanks to its proximity to Charlottesville. We have been providing services to the Charlottesville, Albemarle County area for more than 60 years and are proud to continue to do so today. Contact the professionals at The Otter Guys for your pipe repair needs in Keswick and surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Leak Detection Questions

We have answered a few frequently asked questions regarding leak detection for your convenience. 

When Should I Call A Professional?

Generally, when you notice a problem with the plumbing within your home, you should call a professional immediately. Delaying plumbing repairs might result in water damage, which can seriously harm your home’s structural integrity. 

When Should I Get My Pipes Replaced? 

Most pipes are made to last homeowners for decades. However, older homes tend to have older pipes or copper pipes, which can lead to clogs and leaks and ultimately damage the plumbing system. If your home’s plumbing is constantly being repaired, it may be time to invest in repiping. 

How Important Are Maintenance Services?

Regular maintenance services are incredibly important for ensuring that your home’s plumbing system continues to function properly. The plumbing of your home can experience high amounts of wear and tear over the course of one year. Regular maintenance will identify any minor issues before they have the time to grow into much larger and more costly ones.

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