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Do you need immediate water heater repair services or wish to install a new one? The Otter Guys’ professionals in Keswick, VA are ready to meet all of your water heater repair needs. We also provide our clients , including resolving clogged drain issues, and leak detection.

Hassle Free Water Heater Installation 

Generally, a water heater lasts 8 to 12 years. Rust at the tank’s bottom hints that you should consider replacing your system. Older water heaters with serious rust damage may suddenly burst, resulting in significant water damage. It’s advisable to consider a replacement if you discover rust on an older machine. 

Whether you require conventional tank systems or high-efficiency tankless options, we can assist you in installing a wide range of water heaters to suit your needs. Get in touch with us today.

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Contact our specialists immediately for emergency troubleshooting and water heater repair if you are experiencing water temp issues at your home and believe there may be a problem with your water heater. We will identify the source of the issue and provide you with the best repair/service options. 

Our objective is to offer you affordable solutions and timely repairs. We also offer routine maintenance services, such as tank draining, to keep minerals and sediment from accumulating in the tank and to help your water heater last longer.

Common Water Heater Repairs

It’s beneficial for you to be aware of some of the more common water heater repairs. As a homeowner, you’ll have a better knowledge of what’s going on with your unit as a result. Some of the most common water heater repair services we offer our clients include:

Very Little Hot Water

Your water heater’s primary function is to supply hot water. It is easy to make the assumption that the water heater is broken if it isn’t supplying hot water. However, there can be numerous potential causes of this problem, including thermostat adjustment, tank size, and power. 

If you recently added another room to your home or have had someone new move in, you may need to replace your current water heater with a larger one. Additionally,  if your home has a tankless water heater, you should check the number of fixtures the unit can run and ensure you do not have too many fixtures running on the unit’s power.

No Hot Water

Depending on the sort of water heater you’re using, the problem with your water heater not providing hot water will vary. If the appliance is gas-powered, there probably is a problem with the pilot light. It might also be brought on by a broken thermocouple that needs to be replaced. In either case, if you’re untrained or inexperienced, working with gas-powered equipment can be deadly. 

With electric water heaters, the problem can be brought on by a broken heating element that has to be changed. In either case, these are challenging and hazardous undertakings you should not do alone. 

A Noisy Water Tank

Your water tank making noises is not at all unusual. There shouldn’t be any cause for concern if it’s sporadic or quiet. It’s time to call a professional if the noise is persistent or you hear loud popping, crackling, or hissing noises. Scale accumulation on the water tank’s heating elements is the most likely culprit. 

Leaks Around The Water Tank

Loose connections are frequently the root of leaks around your water tank. If so, simply tightening the connections will solve the problem. If this doesn’t work, it means there’s a bigger problem. 

However, if the leak comes directly from your tank, it is likely worn out and needs replacing. If you don’t take care of leaks quickly, even tiny ones might become major problems. Once more, you should call a professional when you notice a leak. 

Smelly Water

Water that smells or tastes strangely is a warning sign that you must call for repairs. Not only does this not appeal to guests who may come to your house, but drinking or cleaning with this water is risky. Strange smells emanating from your water are typically an indication that it has become tainted with bacteria. 

In an effort to clean the tank, you can flush it by filling it with a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide. After two to three hours, let the solution stay in the tank before flushing it out with fresh water. If this approach is unsuccessful, you should contact a specialist for a more thorough examination. 

Dirty Rusty Colored Water

Your water heater may malfunction if the water it produces has an unpleasant yellow or brown tint. It’s vital to remember that this can also indicate that your pipes aren’t functioning properly. Your pipes may be corroded if the water is discolored, regardless of the setting. You will generally need to repipe your house to address this.

If the water only becomes brown when you use hot water, your water heater is broken. This is frequently brought on by corrosion, just like with your pipes. A failing anode rod, however, might be at blame for this. See if the issue goes away by trying to flush the tank and changing the anode rod. If the issue is still there, a new heater might be necessary, and it’s time to call a specialist. 

Water Heater Is Taking Too Long To Reheat

There isn’t a water heater that can continuously produce without taking time to reheat. The water must eventually be warmed up again before being used. On the other hand, if your unit takes too long to reheat the water, there may be a problem. A broken thermostat and sediment accumulation in the water tank may be to blame. 

To ensure there is no damage, you should regularly inspect these components. Immediately after spotting any damage, get in touch with The Otter Guys. We will determine what’s wrong with your appliance and get it working again. 

Water Temperature Too Hot Or Cold

Unbelievable as it may seem, hot water may also indicate a problem with your thermostat. A broken thermostat is frequently to blame for fluctuating water temps. Changing the thermostat’s temperature settings may help to resolve the issue. If this doesn’t succeed, something else is in the works. 

The temperature-pressure valve might be the culprit if the thermostat isn’t the issue. If the valve is broken, the heater won’t shut off when the water reaches the proper temperature, which means it can be excessively hot. Being burned by scalding hot water makes this potentially dangerous and should be fixed immediately.

Why Should You Choose The Other Guys For Repairs?

With years of experience in the industry, we work hard to provide unparalleled customer service in addition to our top-notch offerings. We try to deliver customer service you won’t find at “otter” HVAC firms from when you phone us until your water heater needs are satisfied. Any customer who gives us a call will likely become a lifelong client. 

Proudly Serving The People Of Keswick VA

Keswick, VA, is located in the heart of what Thomas Jefferson called “the Eden of the United States” and is only 9 miles east of Charlottesville. If you believe horses, trees, and open spaces make great neighbors, you’ll fit right in with this tranquil countryside. For your water heater needs and installations in Keswick and surrounding areas, call The Otter Guys. We are ‘“otterly” proud to be of service and would like to help you with your next install or repair. 

Frequently Asked Water Heater Questions 

Below we have answered a few commonly asked questions we receive regarding water heaters. 

How Long Do Water Heaters Last?

According to experts, every 10-15 years, you should replace your water heater. Modern homes and systems benefit from improved design and energy efficiency. Even though it’s simple to experience sticker shock, updated systems can actually save you money over time by using less energy. 

How Can I Extend The Lifespan Of My Water Heater?

Regular maintenance services will assist in making sure your water heater doesn’t have any hidden faults that, if ignored, could lead to bigger difficulties. These inspections also guarantee that your appliance operates effectively and for as long as possible. 

Can I Just Install My New Water Heater Myself?

Even though it is possible, we strongly advise against installing your water heater yourself, especially if you lack the necessary skills or knowledge. Incorrect installation or use can result in serious consequences. Furthermore, poor installation can cost more money in future repairs. This is why we recommend you let the professionals handle it. 

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