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Is your furnace not heating up or creating unusual noises? Keswick’s residential and commercial furnace repairs are handled by The Otter Guys’ skilled technicians. You don’t have to handle repairs yourself if your furnace breaks down. Our professionals would be “otterly” happy to get your furnace running again! We also provide heating repair, installation, maintenance, and HVAC repair.

The Otter Guys Provide Quality Furnace Repair

Is your furnace not heating up or creating unusual noises? Keswick’s residential and commercial furnace repairs are handled by The Otter Guys’ skilled technicians. You don’t have to handle repairs yourself if your furnace breaks down. Our professionals would be “otterly” happy to get your furnace running again! Call us now!

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We Offer Services In Keswick VA

Only 9 miles east of Charlottesville, in the region Thomas Jefferson referred to as “the Eden of the United States,” Keswick provides peaceful countryside with wide open spaces. Call The Otter Guys for all your furnace repair requirements in Keswick and the surrounding regions. We would love the opportunity to assist you with your upcoming furnace repair and are “otterly” delighted to be of service. 

Common Signs Of Furnace Failure

Diagnosing a failing furnace before it actually quits can make all the difference in having a technician repair or replace your unit without causing too much upset in your home. Here are a few useful indicators that your furnace may be nearing its end.

The Furnace Is Making Strange Noises

Furnaces generally create some noise while they are operating. However, if the operation of your furnace is accompanied by an increase in shake, rattle, and roll, it can be a sign that some of the mechanical components are becoming loose. In that situation, a tune-up is suggested. 

Additionally, if the sounds abruptly stop and there are particularly obvious intervals of silence, your furnace may be alerting you to the possibility of more serious issues. Here’s how to permanently stop any other strange sounds you may be experiencing in your home.

The Heat Exchanger Needs Repairs

Regular visual inspections of a heat exchanger help ensure it remains in good working condition and is repaired when necessary. A cracked heat exchanger can cause your unit to produce a rattling sound when the heat turns on. Excessive dust build-up is another indicator that your furnace may be breaking down. Flame color can also be a useful indicator. A blue flame is normal, while a yellow or orange flame is not. 

Moisture Buildup In Your Home

If you notice dampness on some of the rooms’ walls, windows, or ceilings, there might be an issue with the furnace’s airflow. That can be a furnace malfunction or a vent issue. Your furnace may be nearing the end of its useful life if you experience any of these problems, especially when they occur together. Call The Otter Guys immediately for furnace repair if you notice any warning signs.

Issues With The Pilot Light Or Ignition

Older furnaces generally experience more issues and need repairs more often. A pilot light that may remain on longer than usual is a common problem with older furnaces. Even though this may not seem like a problem, it is worth looking into because it could be a sign of something more serious. 

Turn off the gas supply first, wait a few seconds, and then extinguish the pilot light to begin troubleshooting the problem. Turn off the furnace and shut off the gas supply if your furnace has an ignition switch. Check for any dust or dirt accumulation that could affect the sensor. 

Unclean Filters

Although it may not seem like a problem, this is one of the main reasons for furnace repairs. Dirty filters block airflow and make it difficult for an appliance to operate properly. In the long run, expenses increase due to the furnace’s increased effort to keep up. To avoid needless problems, replace your filters frequently and schedule annual furnace maintenance. 

Unclosed Panels

Checking the safety switch on the furnace door should be one of your first steps if your furnace won’t turn on. While removing the access panel, a furnace door safety switch stops the fan and burner from turning on. When the door is opened, a safety switch on the furnace pops out. The door must be closed to activate the switch and turn on the furnace.

Broken Thermostat

If you and your family discover that you need to adjust the thermostat frequently to maintain a comfortable temperature, the furnace may no longer be able to keep up with the needs of heating your home, or the thermostat may be malfunctioning. Contact The Otter Guys today, and we will have a technician come out to inspect your furnace and thermostat. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Furnace Repair

This section will answer a few frequently asked questions about furnace repair.

What Should I Look For In Furnace Maintenance?

Regular maintenance is one of the most crucial things you can do to ensure your furnace continues to operate properly. Preparing a list of what you want to be checked during your annual checkup is a good idea. A few crucial maintenance processes should be air filter replacement, air register cleaning, blower lubrication, and wire inspection. 

What Makes A Furnace Stop Working?

The most common reason behind a furnace not working involves clogged air filters. However, you can also check your circuit breakers, the blower, and its pressure limit switch. Another simple step is to check the thermostat. Furnace lifespans typically range from 15 to 20 years. You might notice increased problems and a need for repairs if your furnace is near the end of its useful life. We can assess your appliance and recommend the best course of action to get it back in working order. 

Should I Turn My Furnace Off If It’s Not Working?

An improperly functioning furnace that has been left on could overheat and cause very serious damage to your home. A broken furnace also consumes more energy and costs more money to run. Before calling a repairman, turn off the thermostat and switch. Then, check to see if your filter is clean. Don’t worry if you check the filter and there is no problem. Keep your furnace off and call The Otter Guys for a thorough inspection and repair. 

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