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You need a company that you can rely on when it comes to your HVAC system. By offering prompt, excellent services, our aim is to create a lifelong customer. Our experienced team of professionals also provide heating repair, installation, maintenance and furnace repair to the Keswick community. To find out more about our services, get in touch with our friendly office staff today.

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HVAC Repairs

Look no further if you need professional HVAC repair services. It gives us “otter” joy to offer Albemarle County HVAC installation and repair services. We also provide residents with 24-hour emergency services. 

Our qualified specialists are on hand to offer immediate support and effective solutions. We have been serving the community for more than 60 years as a locally-owned business that values every one of our clients and takes each of their unique needs and situations to heart. 

We Are Otterly Proud To Serve The Keswick Area

The Otter Guys are based in Charlottesville, Virginia, serving Keswick and several nearby communities. We provide services in nearby Crozet, Keswick, and Rugby. We will work directly with you to better understand your needs, providing the best options available to you. This ensures that you receive the quality repair/replacement that you deserve. Because at The Otter Guys, our customer’s “otter” satisfaction and happiness is our main goal. 

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Check out a handful of our most commonly asked questions regarding HVAC services below to learn more. 

What Are The Most Common HVAC Repairs?

A few typical HVAC repairs include issues with refrigerant, thermostat problems, and drainage. Refrigerant-related issues may occur if your refrigerant runs out or is not circulated properly. Issues such as this could be an issue that eventually damages your unit. Your thermostat is the second most frequent issue. Occasionally, if the batteries are low or the thermostat is older, you may not receive accurate temperature readings causing your unit to run when it is not necessary. Drainage of the condensation from the appliance is the third most common repair problem and may cause your unit to freeze as a result. The filter in your unit is the final, most commonly experienced issue. Your system cannot function correctly if the filter becomes dirty or clogged.

What Causes The Suction Line To Freeze?

One or more of the following problems may cause the suction line to freeze. The first is poor airflow, which can be brought on by clogged filters. Secondly, if your unit has low refrigerant, it will force the cooling system to work harder. And the third is low temperature. Your unit may freeze if your home’s temperature is too low. Most HVAC systems run above 67 degrees. You can help to reduce the risk of your suction line freezing with routine inspections and maintenance.

Is It Normal For My HVAC Unit To Make Noise?

Brief noises coming from your HVAC unit are not uncommon. However, your device shouldn’t make persistent or loud noises. Your device shouldn’t make a loud popping sound while turning on or off. If you hear this, it most likely isn’t coming from your unit. You should have a professional inspect your ductwork.

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