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When you need HVAC and plumbing services, work with the experts your neighbors trust. The Otter Guys team is the Goochland, VA company you can trust for high-quality and lasting services. Whether you need a second option, system replacement, or routine services, our team will provide an affordable solution that meets your home’s unique needs.

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HVAC Installation and Repair in Goochland, Virginia

We know the last thing you want is a lack of air conditioning in the middle of summer heat. We can evaluate your system so it’s ready for summer and winter weather. When you choose our team as your first choice for HVAC services in Goochland, you can have peace of mind knowing your system will run smoothly all year. When your HVAC system stops working, call our team of experts, and will handle any repairs or install a new system for your home.

HVAC Services in Goochland

When you’re looking for HVAC services in Goochland, VA, or the nearby areas, The Otter Guys are only a phone call away. We work on many homes in the community and understand the unique needs of each customer’s home. Whether you need repairs, routine tune-ups, or a brand new system, let us handle it for you.

AC Repair

Your home’s AC can stop working even if you schedule regular maintenance visits. Every system eventually wears out and needs repairs. Loud noises, hot air, weak airflow, or a sudden spike in energy bills are signs you may need AC repair. When this happens, it’s crucial to call for services right away. Common signs of AC repair include short term cycling, leaking around your air handler, strange smells, and weak airflow. Give us a call and our technicians will come within 24 hours. 

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Air Conditioner Installation

If your HVAC system is older than 10-15 years, you may consider replacing it. Older systems work harder to produce cold air, placing strain on all the components. Installing a new energy-efficient system can save you money on energy bills and costly repairs. The type of model you chose depends on the size of your home, your home’s design, and the ductwork quality. Our knowledgeable team can evaluate your home and help you choose the right system for your home. 

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AC Maintenance Plans

Scheduling regular maintenance on your HVAC system will not only save you money in costly repairs, but will extend the life of your system. Our team handles regular maintenance and tuneups to help keep your system working smoothly throughout the year. Regular maintenance can boost your AC power and airflow, producing better air quality for your home. No one wants to deal with a broken AC in the middle of summer. We can inspect every area of your AC unit and ensure it’s cooling properly so you have cool air during the hot summer days. Let us help you prevent potential repairs issues with annual maintenance services. 

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Heating Repair

In addition to AC services, our team of experts also handle heating services, including repairs. It gets cold in Virginia, and no homeowner wants to go without heat in the freezing temperatures. Strange noises, odors, low heat, and poor air quality are a few common reasons for heating repairs. When your heater stops working, contact our team for repairs. We will come to your home, evaluate your system, and provide a quick solution to get it working again.  

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Heating Installation

Frequent heating repairs often mean you need a new heating unit. There are a few signs that let you know it’s time for a heating installation. Loud noises, frequent repairs, and increased running time are common signs of a worn out system. If your heater is more than ten years old, you should consider replacing it. Older systems work harder to heat your home and can increase your energy bills. Our technicians have the experience to install the right unit for your home.

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Heating Maintenance

Maintaining your heating system is just as important as your AC system. Changing your filters, lubricating parts, making adjustments, and testing all the components are a few things we do during heating maintenance. These steps improve the air quality and extend the life of your heating unit. 

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Furnace Repair

We work on many types of heating systems in the Goochland, Virginia area, including furnaces. Some homeowners experience furnace repair needs, especially in the winter. When your furnace breaks, we know it can feel “otterly” uncomfortable.” Keeping your family warm is our top priority. If you notice strange smells, loud noises, or the furnace isn’t turning on, call our team for immediate repairs.

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HVAC Repair 

When you need fast and dependable HVAC repair services, The Otter Guys are ready to lend a hand. We understand it’s hard to know when you need repairs. However, waiting for help can increase the damage to your system. Some common signs of HVAC repairs include banging or rattling noises, weird smells, the system keeps turning on and off, or it stops working. You don’t need to wait around for repairs, call our team and we will send a technician to inspect your system and get it working again.

Our team knows plumbing systems like “no otter” in the area. When you suspect a plumbing issue in your home, call our plumber first. We will arrive at your property and conduct an inspection to determine the source of the issue and make repairs. Whether you need water heater help, a stubborn clog, or a new installation, our team will take care of it for you. We’ll give you a fair price and provide high quality work. 

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Plumbing Services in Goochland

Our team knows plumbing systems like “no otter” in the area. When you suspect a plumbing issue in your home, call our plumber first. We will arrive at your property and conduct an inspection to determine the source of the issue and make repairs. Whether you need water heater help, a stubborn clog, or a new installation, our team will take care of it for you. We’ll give you a fair price and provide high quality work.

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Water Heater Repair 

Does your water heater have damage that keeps it from working properly? Our team understands the frustration of turning on the water only to feel cold water. Some common signs of water heater damage include loud noises, discolored water, or cold water. There are many reasons you may need water heater repairs. Pooling, cloudy, or rust-color water is a sign you may have a pipe issue. Reduced water flow, hot water storage, or strange noises are other common signs of repairs.

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Water Heater Installation 

If you deal with frequent water heater repairs, you may need a new installation. Whether you need a replacement or you want to try a tankless water heater, our team can handle your installation needs. We know water heaters wear out over time and we can replace yours so you can have hot water every day. Many homeowners switch water heater types according to their home’s needs. We can help you find the water heater you want that can best accommodate the needs of your family.

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Drain Clogs

Untreated drain clogs can turn into a major plumbing emergency and cost you more money in repairs. Let our experts remove drain clogs for you and prevent future plumbing issues in your home. Whether you’re dealing with frequent drain or toilet clogs, our team will flush out your plumbing system and get it working again. 

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Leak Detection 

Are you suddenly dealing with high water bills? If so, you may have a leak somewhere in your home. Our team provides leak detection services to locate the source of leaks on your property and reduce your water bills. Most homeowners don’t know they have water leaks until they see pooling water or water stains on their walls. If you think you may have a leak in your home, contact us right away. We will use our non-invasive resources to find the leak and make repairs.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Our Services

Many of our customers have questions about our HVAC and plumbing services and we are happy to answer them. Here are a few common questions we answer. 

Do You Offer Financing For Services? 

Yes, we do! We understand the financial strain of some home services. Installations and some repairs can cost more than some families can handle upfront. That is why we offer 12 month special financing. Please contact our office to receive more information on how to finance your specific services. Our staff is happy to walk you through the application process. 

Does Your Team Handle Emergency HVAC Repairs?

The Otter Guys are proud to handle emergency HVAC repairs. We know an HVAC system can stop working when you least expect it. Our team never wants you to go without cool or hot air when you need it most. Unexpected HVAC issues can reduce the air quality in your home and cause further damage to your system if left untreated. When your HVAC system unexpectedly breaks, call us and we will come check it out for you. 

How Do You Unfreeze HVAC Coils? 

If your HVAC system is running but air isn’t blowing out, your coils could be frozen. When this happens, you’ll usually see water near your system. If that’s the case, immediately shut off your air conditioning unit. Then, find the coils of your unit if you can and you’ll be able to feel (and possibly see) whether or not it is frozen. Keep the unit off until the pipes unfreeze. Make sure you have a towel, bucket, or something that will soak up the water as the pipes thaw out. 

Can You Take Care Of A Plumbing Emergency?

Like HVAC emergencies, plumbing emergencies can also happen when you’re not prepared. Whether it’s a major leak or clog, our technicians are always ready to lend a hand. 

If you have an overflowing toilet, burst pipe, or a backed up sewer line, don’t hesitate to contact our team for help. We will provide you with a fast and reliable solution to the problem and get your home back in order. 

How Do Your Plumbers Find a Leak? 

Usually, they like to start with a visual inspection to see if they can pinpoint where the water is leaking from. If the pipe is behind walls or buried in the ground, they can use video pipe inspection equipment to figure out where the leak is. This can be a better option than ripping out holes in the wall or digging. 

Can You Replace My Water Heater? 

Yes! We can certainly replace your water heater if you old one can’t be repaired. We’ll present you with different options so you can choose the right water heater for your home. Our technicians will get the new one in and haul of your old one. 

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Do you have an urgent plumbing problem that needs immediate attention? Want a second opinion before investing in an upgrade? Regardless of your needs, you can count on our Goochland HVAC and plumbing professionals to provide honest solutions for your needs. Our team will work closely with you to learn your needs and share options with you, so you make the best decision for your home. We are dedicated to safe and efficient services that ensure the safety of your home and family. You don’t have to wait for HVAC and plumbing help. Contact The Otter Guys in Goochland, VA today.

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